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PTFE Conveyor Belts Edging, Guiding & Tracking

Saryee Belting offers a wide range of options for edging and tracking across all our belting products. Customers can choose from various edging profiles and tracking mechanisms tailored to their specific needs and conveyor systems. These options can be applied to one or both sides of the belt, providing flexibility and customization for different applications. Whether it’s enhancing edge reinforcement for better stability or implementing tracking features to ensure precise alignment, our belting solutions offer versatility and reliability to meet diverse industrial requirements.

Belts Edging

At Saryee Belting, we understand the importance of protecting both edges of the belt from tearing, especially when they come in contact with metallic components during operation.

The edge reinforcement plays a critical role in reducing fraying and damage to the belt, extending its lifespan and minimizing maintenance costs. Additionally, it provides essential support for any tracking mechanisms that are placed on the belt, ensuring precise alignment and smooth operation of the conveyor system.

Our edge reinforcement options encompass meticulously crafted sewn and sealed PTFE-fiberglass or PTFE-Kevlar fabric or film edges, engineered to endure the demanding conditions of industrial environments.

Belts Guiding & Tracking

At Saryee Belting, we offer a comprehensive range of options for tracking mechanisms to ensure precise belt guidance on machines, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. Our belting products can be tailored to include two primary tracking mechanisms, each offering unique advantages.

The first option is a silicone or kevlar guide strip meticulously sewn along the edging of the belt. This guide strip provides consistent and reliable tracking, ensuring smooth operation even in demanding industrial environments. With its durable construction and excellent frictional properties, the silicone or kevlar guide strip helps maintain belt alignment, reducing the risk of misalignment and potential damage to conveyor components.

The second tracking mechanism available is dots/snaps, strategically placed along the edging of the belt. These dots or snaps offer an alternative tracking solution, providing precise control and adjustment of belt movement. Customers can choose from various options tailored to their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of their conveyor systems.

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