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Rolled Baking Band

Rolled Baking Band Belt, Z Belts for Baking of Biscuits and Cookies

The Rolled Baking Band, also known as Z Belts, Z 47 Belt,  is a specialized conveyor belt meticulously designed for the baking industry, specifically catering to the direct baking of biscuits and cookies. Its distinguishing feature is an exceptionally flat carrying surface, making it the ideal choice for precise baking applications.

The Rolled Baking Band offers impressive customization options, allowing for a belt width exceeding 1.55 meters and lengths that extend beyond 300 meters.

The Rolled Baking Band is capable of withstanding high temperatures. Baking zone temperatures can reach up to approximately 310°C.


MaterialCarbon steel; stainless steel
Wire Diameter1.0mm 1.2mm 1.3mm 1.4mm 1.5mm
Pitch6.3mm 7.0mm 8.2mm 8.5mm
Belt widthup to 2000mm.
Belt lengthup to 300m.
Temperature rangeup to 310°C
ApplicationBaking biscuits, cookies, crackers, ginger bread, etc.

The Z belt’s creation involves a duplex unilateral spiral woven mesh subjected to a tightly controlled rolling process.

The Rolled Baking Band Belt undergoes a rolling process to achieve a flattened structure. This results in a flat, smooth surface, reduced thickness, low mass, high strength, and excellent air circulation. Friction-driven by a large-diameter drum, the design ensures seamless movement through the oven.

The Rolled Baking Band belt is friction-driven by a drum, emphasizing its mechanical simplicity and reliability in the context of cookie ovens. This friction-driven mechanism is commonly placed at the outfeed of the tunnel oven.

The design of the belt is such that it promotes excellent heat and gas circulation. This is crucial for ensuring uniform baking and maintaining the desired baking conditions throughout the belt’s surface

Rolled Baking Band

The mesh open area is adaptable, with variations for different applications. While suitable for both soft and hard dough, there are considerations for soft doughs with high-fat content. A smooth folded looped edge finish eliminates the risk of weld dislodging and enhances flexibility. A controlled rolling process ensures straight tracking, minimizing maintenance. There are 6 standard Rolled Baking Band belts which are listed in the table below:

Technical SpecificationsUnitsZ47Z47RZ48Z48SZ28Z28R
Wire Diametermm1.
Belt Thicknessmm2.
Max Widthmm2000.02000.02000.02000.02000.02000.0
Min. Roler Diameter for Belt Flexibilitymm300.0300.0300.0300.0300.0300.0

The Rolled Baking Band, also known as “Z Belts,” offers several advantages in the baking industry. Rolled Baking Band offers advantages such as a flat and smooth surface, reduced thickness, low mass, high strength, good air circulation, and suitability for various dough types, making it a valuable component in the baking industry.

  • Flat, Smooth Surface
    The belt is created by forcing a duplex unilateral spiral woven mesh through a rolling process, resulting in a completely flat and smooth surface. This feature is crucial for the direct baking of biscuits and cookies, ensuring even heat transfer and consistent product quality.
  • Reduced Belt Thickness
    The rolling process not only creates a flat surface but also reduces the belt thickness. This reduction in thickness is achieved without compromising heat efficiency. A thinner belt can contribute to faster and more efficient baking processes.
  • Low Mass, High Strength
    The design of the Rolled Baking Band results in a belt of low mass and high strength. This combination is advantageous for durability and longevity, as well as for ease of handling and installation.
  • Good Air Circulation
    The design allows for good air circulation. This is important in baking processes to ensure that heat is evenly distributed, contributing to consistent baking results across the entire belt width.
  • Friction-Driven
    The belt is friction-driven by means of a large diameter drum, commonly placed at the outfeed of the tunnel oven. This method of operation ensures reliable and controlled movement of the belt through the oven.
  • Suitability for Soft and Hard Dough
    The flat, uniform surface of the Rolled Baking Band makes it suitable for conveying both soft and hard dough through baking processes. This versatility is essential in a baking environment where different types of products may be processed.
  • Even Heat Transfer
    The design of the belt, with its flat and smooth surface, ensures even heat transfer across the entire belt width. This is crucial for achieving consistent baking results for the products being processed.
  • Elimination of Tracking Issues
    One of the primary advantages of this tightly controlled rolling process is the elimination of tracking issues. “Tracking issues” refer to problems where the conveyor belt deviates from its intended path or alignment during operation. A tightly controlled rolling process helps ensure that the belt maintains a straight and consistent path as it moves through the oven or baking equipment.
  • Minimized Maintenance and Downtime
    Rolled Baking Band Belt that runs straight with minimal tracking issues requires less maintenance and reduces downtime. This is beneficial for the overall efficiency of the baking process, as it minimizes interruptions and the need for frequent adjustments.

The Rolled Baking Band, designed by the Saryee Belting for the baking industry, can find applications in the contexts you’ve mentioned:

  • Cooking
    The Rolled Baking Band can be utilized in cooking processes where a flat and consistent surface is required for the direct cooking of food items. The conveyor belt ensures that the items are moved through the cooking process evenly.
  • Heating
    In scenarios where precise and uniform heating is essential, the Rolled Baking Band can be employed to transport items through heating zones. This is particularly relevant in baking processes where specific temperatures need to be maintained for proper product development.
  • Baking
    The primary application of the Rolled Baking Band is in the baking industry. It is designed to provide an extremely flat carrying surface for the direct baking of biscuits and cookies. The belt can withstand high baking temperatures and is suitable for use in biscuit baking tunnel ovens.
  • Elevating
    While the primary focus of the Rolled Baking Band is on flat carrying surfaces, it may also have applications in elevating processes within the baking industry. For example, it could be used to transport dough or baked goods between different levels in a production facility.
  • De-Elevating
    Similar to elevating, the Rolled Baking Band may be used in processes that involve moving products or materials downward between different levels. This could be relevant in the context of transitioning baked goods through various stages of production.


The Rolled Baking Band offers different belt options to cater to specific baking needs.

  • Z47
    Best-in-Class Choice: Ideal for large installations with high output, recommended for cookies.
    Key Feature: Open mesh design for good heat circulation during the baking process.
  • Z47R
    Enhanced Version: A robust version of Z47 with larger wire diameter and strength for longer life, suited for rugged use in cookie baking.
  • Z28
    Reduced Wire Diameter: With reduced wire diameter, designed for tiny tunnels with lower heat requirements.
  • Z48
    Flash Baking Specialization: Suited for flash baking crackers, featuring a large pitch for enhanced heat circulation.

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