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Tissue Packaging Machine PTFE Belts

PTFE belts are used in paper towel and toilet paper roll packaging

The paper towel and toilet paper packaging belt system use of PTFE sealer belts to facilitate the heat sealing process at the ends of the plastic-wrapped hygiene rolls.

Pairing PTFE sealer belts creates a heat-resistant and non-stick barrier during the heat sealing process. This ensures secure sealing of the plastic-wrapped hygiene rolls without sticking or melting, thus contributing to the smooth operation of the production line.

How Tissue Packaging Machine PTFE Belts​ Working:

  1. Roll Stacking and Plastic Wrapping:
    Operators stack rolls of hygiene paper into packs of two or more. They then wrap plastic film around the stacked rolls, creating a protective cover for the hygiene rolls.
  2. Envelope-Style Sealing:
    Operators finish wrapping the ends of the plastic in an envelope-style fashion, creating a sealed enclosure around the stacked rolls.
  3. Heating Process:
    The packs, with enveloped plastic ends, move along the production line.
    A bank of heaters on each side of the pack provides the heat source required to melt the enveloped ends down and achieve a secure seal.
  4. PTFE Sealer Belts:
    Operators use two endless pairs of PTFE sealer belts, positioning them on either side of the packs as they move through the heating process.
    These PTFE belts serve as a heat-resistant barrier and a non-stick surface, preventing direct contact between the heaters and the plastic-wrapped packs.
  5. Orientation and Tracking:
    The PTFE sealer belts run on their sides, allowing the non-stick surface to face the plastic-wrapped packs.
    To maintain proper alignment and prevent any deviation, tracking aids are incorporated to ensure the belts stay in position during operation.

Key Features:

  • Sealing
    PTFE belts act as a barrier between the wrapping film and the heating plate in vertical packaging machines. The belts melt the plastic wrapping film on both sides, sealing the product.
  • Customized
    Customize the PTFE belt that suits you according to your packaging system
  • Heat transfer
    PTFE belts are non-stick and transfer heat.
  • Temperature resistance
    PTFE belts have exceptional temperature resistance and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Tear resistance
    PTFE belts are tear resistant, making them ideal for packaging toilet rolls.
  • Strength and stability
    PTFE conveyor belts are strong and dimensionally stable. They are also chemical resistant and have a non-stick surface.

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