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Anti-Static Grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics​

Anti-Static Grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics​
Anti-Static Grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics​

The Anti-Static Grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics​

Formulated with a carbon additive to impart anti-static and conductive properties, the Anti-Static PTFE coated glass fabric is tailored for specific applications. Colored in black, this product incorporates an exclusive static dissipation additive in conjunction with a woven fiberglass substrate to industries where static electricity control is crucial. It finds utility in high-speed custom conveyor belts, release sheets, gaskets, and heat sealing applications where the accumulation of static charges can occur.

Key Applications:

  • Electronics Manufacturing
    Ideal for applications in electronics manufacturing where control of static electricity is critical to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.
  • Chemical Processing
    Used in chemical processing industries to prevent static-related hazards in the handling and processing of chemicals.
  • Textile Industry
    Applied in the textile industry to address static concerns during processes such as weaving and fabric production.
  • Conveyor Belts
    Employed in conveyor belt systems where anti-static properties are essential to avoid static build-up during material handling.
  • Packaging
    Used in packaging applications, especially where the packaging process involves materials susceptible to static charges.

Key Features:

  • Static Dissipation:
    Specifically treated to dissipate static electricity, preventing the build-up of electric charges on the fabric surface.
  • PTFE Coating
    Retains the non-stick properties, chemical resistance, and high-temperature stability associated with PTFE-coated fabrics.
  • Durability
    Maintains durability and dimensional stability, ensuring longevity and consistent performance in various conditions.
  • Safety Compliance
    Meets safety standards for anti-static properties, making it suitable for industries where electrostatic discharge can pose risks.
  • Chemical Resistance
    Resistant to various chemicals, providing protection against corrosive substances in industrial environments.
  • Temperature Resistance
    Exhibits stability in high-temperature applications, making it suitable for use in processes involving heat.

Anti-Static PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics provide a reliable solution for industries that require both the benefits of PTFE coating and effective static electricity control.


Anti-Static Grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics​
ItemMaximum Width
Normal Thickness
PTFE Content
Tensile Strength Warp/Fill
SY-08BJ Anti-Static12500.0815568102/98
SY-11BJ Anti-Static12500.1122048240/200
SY-12BJ Anti-Static12500.1224559240/200
SY-13BJ Anti-Static15000.1328060240/200
SY-18BJ Anti-Static15000.1837055320/305
SY-23BJ Anti-Static26000.2350060420/360
SY-25BJ Anti-Static26000.2553062460/400
SY-35BJ Anti-Static26000.3568062540/508
SY-37BJ Anti-Static26000.3773060540/508
SY-90B Anti-Static22500.91650511240/1180
SY-38HS Anti-Static15000.38560For Insulation Jacket


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