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PTFE Button or Guider Belts

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Belts with Button or Guider for Sealing, Wrapping, Fusing

We specialize in manufacturing a comprehensive range of PTFE Guider Belts designed for a wide array of industrial uses, including sealing, side-sealing, wrapping, fusing, conveying, food processing, casting, releasing, laminating, curing, cooling, baking, frying, soldering, and drying processes.

Our PTFE Guider Belts boast exceptional material quality, ensuring heat resistance within the temperature range of -60°C to +270°C. With smooth release capabilities, outstanding non-stick properties, high tensile and tear strength, dimensional stability, and resistance to chemicals and solvents, these belts offer reliable performance. They are non-flammable, non-toxic, and available with buttons, eyelets, revert, or guider features.

Key Features:

The key benefits of PTFE Button Belts include:

  • Operating Temperature Range: PTFE Button Belts can operate within a wide temperature range, from as low as -60°C to as high as 260°C, making them suitable for applications in diverse thermal conditions.
  • Exceptional Non-Stick Properties: The belts exhibit outstanding non-stick properties, ensuring smooth release during various industrial processes. This feature is particularly valuable in applications where materials might adhere to the belt surface.
  • High Tensile and Tear Strength: PTFE Button Belts are characterized by their high tensile and tear strength, providing durability and reliability in challenging industrial environments.
  • Unique Electrical Insulation Properties: These belts offer unique electrical insulation properties, making them suitable for applications where electrical insulation is crucial.
  • Dimensional Stability: The belts maintain dimensional stability under different operating conditions, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  • Resistance to Various Chemicals and Solvents: PTFE Button Belts are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, enhancing their suitability for applications where exposure to such substances is a concern.
  • Non-Flammable and Non-Toxic: Ensuring safety in industrial settings, these belts are non-flammable and non-toxic, contributing to a secure working environment.
  • To meet specific application requirements, you can customize the belts by incorporating features such as buttons, eyelets, revert, or guider, providing flexibility in design.
  • PTFE Button Belts are compatible with tracking devices, enabling precise and controlled movement in conveyor or transmission systems.

Key Applications:

  • Machines that automate the production of chapattis use PTFE Button Belts, providing a non-stick and durable surface for the seamless processing of dough.
  • Similar to chapatti machines, automatic roti machines utilize these belts to ensure smooth and efficient production.
  • Side sealing machines employ PTFE Button Belts, contributing to the effective sealing of various materials in industrial settings.
  • Wrapping machines use these belts, where their non-stick properties and durability play a crucial role in the smooth wrapping of products.
  • In soap manufacturing processes, PTFE Button Belts are used for side sealing applications, providing a reliable and non-stick surface.
  • Machines involved in the side sealing of biscuits apply the belts, ensuring a seamless and efficient production process.
  • Machines that seal toilet paper rolls use PTFE Button Belts, offering a non-stick surface for smooth sealing.
  • Similarly, in sealing machines for tissue paper rolls, these belts find application.
  • PTFE Button Belts are employed in fusing machines, contributing to the efficient bonding of materials in industrial processes.
  • These belts play a role in machines that fuse cuffs and collars in garment manufacturing, providing a non-stick and durable surface.
  • In the garment industry, machines that fuse various garment components utilize PTFE Button Belts, ensuring a smooth and reliable fusing process.

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