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PTFE coated Aramid fabrics

PTFE coated Aramid fabrics | High Tensile Strength | Lightweight Construction

Aramid fabric coated with PTFE is crafted by weaving Aramid fiber fabric and applying a premium PTFE coating. This PTFE coated Aramid fabric boasts outstanding mechanical properties, surpassing PTFE coated fiberglass fabric in tensile strength and longevity. It retains the strength and durability characteristic of traditional Aramid, yet offers the advantage of being cleanable without melting.

The combination of woven Aramid and PTFE coating results in a fabric with high tensile strength, lightweight construction, impressive edge tear resistance, and the exceptional release properties of PTFE. Notably, this fabric excels in harsh environments, including steam exposure.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction:
    Engineered with precision, our PTFE coated fiberglass fabric combines the strength of fiberglass with the versatility of PTFE coating, creating a fabric designed to endure challenging industrial environments.
  • Temperature Resilience:
    Withstands a broad temperature range, ensuring performance integrity in both high-heat and low-temperature conditions.
  • Chemical Resistance:
    Exhibits resistance to various chemicals, enhancing its durability and reliability in environments with diverse chemical exposures.
  • Non-Stick Surface:
    The PTFE coating provides a non-stick surface, reducing friction and allowing for easy release, a crucial feature in applications where smooth material flow is essential.
  • Durability and Longevity:
    Engineered for longevity, our fabric maintains its strength and performance even under challenging operational conditions, contributing to cost-effectiveness.
  • Versatile Industrial Applicability:
    Tailored for a variety of applications, the fabric showcases its adaptability, making it a versatile solution for different industrial settings.

Key Applications:

Engineered for demanding conditions, this PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is designed for a range of applications. It excels in heavy conveyor belting, drying belts, freezing of food products, pressing plywood and chipboard, and functions effectively as a release sheet in carbon fiber gasket applications.

  • Heavy Conveyor Belting:
    Specifically crafted for industrial conveyor systems, this fabric offers reliable performance under heavy loads, showcasing its strength and durability in conveyor belting applications.
  • Drying Belts:
    Ideal for applications requiring resistance to moisture, our fabric serves as a dependable choice for drying belts, ensuring durability and efficient moisture management.
  • Freezing of Food Products:
    In environments where freezing conditions are a factor, our fabric remains resilient, making it suitable for applications involving the freezing of food products.
  • Pressing Plywood and Chipboard:
    Designed to withstand the pressure and heat associated with pressing operations, the fabric performs admirably in plywood and chipboard pressing applications.
  • Release Sheet in Carbon Fiber Gasket Applications:
    Serving as a release sheet in carbon fiber gasket applications, the fabric’s non-stick properties facilitate easy release, contributing to efficient and precise manufacturing processes.


PTFE Coated Aramid Fabrics
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