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Self-Stacking Spiral Freezer Belts

Metal Spiral Belts For Self-Stacking Spiral Freezer Effectively Reduce Energy Consumption

A specialized type of conveyor belt designed for use in spiral freezers is the self-stacking spiral freezer belt. The food industry commonly employs self-stacking spiral freezers for quickly freezing products in a continuous and space-efficient manner. These freezers have a spiral configuration, allowing products to move through the freezing process in a continuous, helical path.

The self-stacking feature originates from the design of the conveyor belt, wherein the individual sections of the belt autonomously stack on top of each other in a spiral pattern. This design is essential for maximizing the use of vertical space within the freezer while providing a continuous and efficient freezing process.

Users can integrate self-stacking spiral freezer belts with OEM drive systems and splice them directly to OEM belts, enabling the replacement of small sections of damaged belt or the entire belt without modifying the system.


Technical SpecificationsPopular Value
Coil Wire Diameter1.6mm, 1.7mm, 1.8mm
Coil Pitch6.0 – 20.0 mm
Cross Rod Diameter5.0mm, 6.0mm, 7.0mm
Cross Rod Pitch30.0 – 59.9 mm
Tier Height60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 220mm
Available Widths420mm, 580mm, 640mm, 760mm, 920mm, 1060mm, 1070mm
MaterialStainless steel 304, Stainless steel 316L
Self-Stacking Spiral Freezer Belts​

The self-stacking spiral freezer belt is a one-sided weave with a right-hand wind, consisting of two interlocking spirals. The initial spiral concludes with circular pigtails positioned on the front side of the spiral, while the second spiral concludes with oval pigtails on the rear side. Importantly, the second spiral has one fewer loop across the belt’s width, causing the oval pigtails to nest within the adjacent spiral’s round pigtails. Both sets of pigtails, from the first and second spirals, are affixed to the connecting rod that links the individual belt sections. Tension links are strategically placed between the links and spirals on both sides of the belt for added stability. Special mesh configurations can be made to match existing belts with nonstandard mesh overlay. 

Self-Stacking Spiral Freezer Belts​

The self-stacking spiral belts are well-suited for various food freezing processing applications, offering a combination of efficiency, space optimization, and reduced maintenance needs. Their popularity in the food freezing industry stems from their ability to provide fast and effective processing within a limited space.

• Reduced Belt Tension
The design of self-stacking spiral belts allows for reduced belt tension, contributing to smoother operation and less strain on the conveyor system.

• Smaller Motor Size
The reduced tension requirement enables the use of smaller motors, leading to energy savings and more efficient conveyor performance.

• No Belt Flipping or Over-Stretching
The design prevents issues like belt flipping or over-stretching, ensuring a stable and reliable conveyor operation.

• Maximized Product Intake
The design allows for efficient product intake, contributing to higher throughput in food processing applications.

• Smaller Footprint
Both vertically and horizontally, self-stacking spiral belts take up less space compared to other spiral solutions, leading to a more compact footprint for the freezing unit.

• More Efficient Freezing
The design of the belts contributes to more efficient freezing processes, meeting the demands of fast and effective food processing.

• Reduced Maintenance and Sanitation Needs
The design minimizes maintenance and sanitation requirements, leading to cost savings and improved operational hygiene.

Self-stacking spiral freezer belt are specialized conveyor systems designed for freezing a variety of products efficiently. Their applications are particularly prominent in the food industry, where rapid freezing is essential for preserving product quality. Some specific applications of self-stacking spiral freezer belts include:

  • Frozen Food Production
    Various frozen food items, including vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat products, and ready-to-eat meals, extensively utilize self-stacking spiral freezers in their production.
  • akery Products
    In the bakery industry, these freezers are employed for the rapid freezing of dough, pastries, and baked goods. They facilitate the preservation of product quality and extend shelf life.
  • Ice Cream Manufacturing
    Self-stacking spiral freezers play a crucial role in the production of ice cream by rapidly freezing the ice cream mixture, ensuring a smooth texture and preventing ice crystal formation.
  • Poultry and Meat Processing
    These freezers quick freeze poultry products, such as chicken nuggets and wings, as well as various meat products, to maintain freshness and quality.
  • Seafood Processing
    The seafood industry employs self-stacking spiral freezers to freeze fish fillets, shrimp, and other seafood products, preserving their texture and flavor.
  • Convenience Foods
    Ready-to-eat meals, frozen pizzas, and other convenience foods benefit from self-stacking spiral freezers, ensuring efficient and uniform freezing.
  • Dairy Products
    Products like cheese, butter, and yogurt can be rapidly frozen using these spiral freezers, preserving their quality and taste.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Processing
    Self-stacking spiral freezers are used in the freezing of fruits and vegetables, preserving their nutritional content and maintaining a high-quality appearance.
  • Snack Food Production
    Snack foods, including fries, mozzarella sticks, and other frozen snacks, are processed using these freezers to achieve a quick freeze for optimal quality.

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