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PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts

PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts
Tabber Stringer Belts

PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts | Solar Laminated Belts

The PTFE Tabber Stringer Machine Laminated Belt is crafted by laminating two layers of PTFE fabrics together, featuring carefully designed holes evenly distributed across the belt. The interface of the 2-layer PTFE Solar tabber stringer machine belt utilizes a distinctive toothed connection method. The joint part is plain, maintaining the same thickness as the rest of the belt, thereby enhancing strength and prolonging the service life of the conveyor belt more effectively.

This tabber stringer belt is engineered to withstand high temperatures up to 260°C (500°F), offering a surface that is nonstick, smooth, and exhibits excellent abrasion resistance.

Key Features:

  • Good release surface
  • High Temperature Resistance up to 260℃ (500℉)
  • Continual straight running
  • Abrasion resistant surface provide long lifetime
  • Anti static properties
  • Chemical resistant
  • Continuous sealing
  • Perforated surface for vacuum
  • Dimension stable
  • Flex fatigue resistance

Key Applications:

The PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts find specialized application in Tabber Stringer Machines within the Solar industry. These belts are designed to facilitate the transportation of solar cell pieces and the subsequent welding of these pieces on the heating plate. The welding process is carried out using high-temperature gas derived from the hot air pipe. The unique properties of the PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts, including their high-temperature resistance, nonstick surface, and durability, make them well-suited for the demanding requirements of the solar cell manufacturing process.


Cormal PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts
MaterialTop layer: Brown PTFE glass cloth in thickness of 0.13mm
Inner layer: Anti-static black PTFE glass cloth in thickness of 0.13mm
Overall Thickness0.26mm
Common size200mm*4400mm
Other sizes can be customized

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