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Slat Top Steel Chains

Slat Top Steel Chains | Flat Top Chain | High performance chains for demanding applications

Single Hinge Steel Chains
Single Hinge Steel Chains
Straight Running Slat Top Steel Chains
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Straight Running Slat Top Steel Chains
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Straight Running Slat Top Steel Chains
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Single Hinge Steel Chains
Side Flexing Slat Top Steel Chains
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Side Flexing Slat Top Steel Chains
Magnetic Hinge Slat Chains

Saryee Belting's Slat Top Steel Chains

Saryee Belting conveyor chains, crafted from steel or stainless steel, are manufactured in both straight running and side flexing variations. The product line encompasses a diverse array of raw materials and chain link profiles, offering comprehensive solutions for a wide range of conveying applications. These Flat Top Chains stand out for their robust capabilities, demonstrating high working loads, exceptional resistance to wear, and surfaces that are remarkably flat and smooth. Their versatility extends beyond the confines of the Beverage Industry, finding application across diverse industrial settings.

  • Design and Structure:
    – Slat top steel chains are characterized by their flat, slat-like profile, creating a continuous and robust conveying surface.
    – The chains consist of steel links that are connected to form a flexible and durable chain structure.
  • Applications:
    – Industries involving glass containers commonly use them, but they are also utilized in a range of other sectors such as manufacturing, food and beverage, packaging, and more.
    – Suitable for transporting a variety of products, including heavy items and delicate materials.
  • Strength and Durability:
    – Slat top steel chains are known for their strength, making them suitable for applications running at high speeds.
    – The use of steel in their construction provides durability and ensures the chains can withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions.
  • High-Speed Applications:
    – Their design and strength make them ideal for applications requiring high-speed conveying. This is crucial in industries where efficiency and productivity are paramount.
  • Resistance to Broken Glass:
    – One notable feature is their ability to function even when exposed to broken glass. This resilience is beneficial in environments where glass breakage is a potential hazard.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance:
    – Many slat top steel chains have a design that facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, making them suitable for industries with strict hygiene requirements, such as food processing.
  • Modularity and Customization:
    – The modular design allows for easy replacement of damaged or worn-out sections, contributing to the overall maintenance efficiency of conveyor systems.
    – Offer customization options, allowing users to tailor the chains to specific industry requirements.
  • Drive Configurations:
    – You can use slat top steel chains in various drive configurations, including flat top, magnetic, and roller top, to provide versatility for meeting different application needs.

When considering the use of conveyor chains, it’s important to assess the specific requirements of the application, including load capacity, speed, and environmental conditions. This ensures the selection of the most suitable chain for efficient and reliable material handling.

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