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PTFE Tortilla Press Belts

PTFE Tortilla Press Belts
Tortilla Press Belts

PTFE Coated Fabric Glass Belts for Tortilla Machine

The PTFE tortilla press belt is exclusively crafted for the uninterrupted operation of continuous tortilla press machines. The belt material is tightly wound around the hot platen, exerting pressure on the dough to form the perfect tortilla crust. Notably, the Tortilla Press belt demonstrates resilience against both oil and abrasion, and it is offered in a variety of colors such as brown, blue, and maroon.

We provide a diverse selection of high-performance PTFE Coated Fabrics within our conveyor belt range. The choice of fabric depends on the specific type of machine you are utilizing. We welcome discussions to understand your requirements better and can assist in specifying the optimal PTFE Coated Fabric option tailored to your machine’s needs.

PTFE tortilla press belts can be provided either in an endless configuration or with a mechanical splice, catering to the specific requirements of the customer. Additionally, customer can also choose to install the belts endless with their personal PTFE belt welder.

Saryee Belting can supply the PTFE tortilla press belt with indexing tabs on both edges of the belt, which allows for the belt to be electronically indexed, telling the belt when to start and stop.

Our Press Conveyor Belts are customizable to fit all brands of Tortilla press equipment available in the market, including Lawrence & Casa Herrera machines. Additionally, we have the capability to tailor-make Tortilla press conveyor belts to accommodate and fit seamlessly with any other machine brands currently in circulation. This flexibility ensures that our conveyor belts can meet the specific requirements of various machines, providing a versatile and adaptable solution for our customers.

PTFE Tortilla Press Belt Key Features:

  • Never Stop Production: Prevents dough from sticking, ensuring continuous production.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Surface durability and strong joints extend the belt’s lifetime.
  • No Fat Permeation: Resists fat and oil permeability, promoting hygiene.
  • Reduced Downtime: Minimizes machine downtime, improving overall efficiency.
  • Excellent Non-Stick Properties: Facilitates easy tortilla removal, enhancing productivity.
  • Improved Tortilla Roundness: Ensures consistent tortilla shape.
  • Non-Toxic and Food Grade: Material is safe for food applications.
  • Customization Options: Belts can be tailored for different Tortilla press equipment brands.


We offer PTFE tortilla press belts in three distinct categories:

  • The Economic Tortilla Press Belt available in thicknesses of 0.25mm or 0.35mm, and comes in a brown color. This variant ensures good tensile strength, a smooth, non-stick surface during tortilla production, and is joined by a castellated joint made of Kevlar material, ensuring utmost strength.
  • The Standard Tortilla Press Belt is offered in brown or blue colors. Treated with a unique PTFE coating, this variant exhibits higher release properties compared to the economic material. It effectively reduces fat and oil permeability, contributing to increased productivity and an extended belt lifespan.
  • The Premium Tortilla Press Belt, a 2-ply belt created from our unique PTFE coated fiberglass in blue color, undergoes a laminating process to enhance abrasion and mechanical strength. Using laminated film belting is much more resistant to abrasion and can last significantly longer in the Tortilla Press application. Notably, its seamless nature eliminates concerns for end-users about leaving marks on pressed tortillas.

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